SF-849 Chassis Dyno


The AutoDyn™ 849 two-wheel-drive chassis dyno is unrivaled in the marketplace. Its dual eddy current absorbers provide 1,600 horsepower of loaded absorption capability and its large 42” diameter rolls create one of the largest contact patches available to the market. This large contact patch and precision knurled surface generate superior traction while causing the lease amount of tire deflection so testing is as close to real world conditions as possible and no tire damage occurs. These features make the AutoDyn™ 849 chassis dynamometer perfect for anyone who is serious about tuning high horsepower and high torque vehicles. Thanks to its unique design, the SF-849 chassis dyno generates unmatched low end torque to easily load and spool the turbos found on many performance diesel trucks. Couple that with the high speed horsepower capacity to handle turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous equipped two wheel drive cars, the SF-849 is the most versatile two wheel drive chassis dyno on the market.

The AutoDyn™ 849’s dual eddy current absorbers lets you perform loaded testing to make EFI tuning simple and fast. The absorbers are coupled directly to the rolls through a heavy-duty differential for the most accurate testing possible. The included WinDyn® Dynamometer Software makes it easy to test at varying rates of acceleration, deceleration, steady speeds, and part or full throttle through multiple gears. You can simulate circle track, road course, and high-performance street applications or use SuperFlow® Road Simulation Technology (RST) to reproduce real-world driving conditions. SuperFlow® (RST) accurately loads vehicles according to their inertia, aerodynamic losses and rolling losses so you know that when you get to the track your vehicle will perform just like it did on the dyno.

The AutoDyn™ 849 is also easily upgradeable to AWD if your testing needs were to change down the road. With the addition of a second roll set and a driveshaft to synchronize the front and rear rolls, the SF-849 quickly and affordably becomes a SuperFlow AWD chassis dynamometer. This grants you the peace of mind to know that you can start with a top of the line 2WD dynamometer and easily turn it into the best AWD chassis dynamometer on the market when the time is right for you.

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Product Specifications

Roll Diameter 42" (107 cm)
Peak Power 2,500 HP (1,864 kW)
Peak Absorbed Power 1,600 HP(DEC)(1,193 kW)
Max Speed 200 mph (322 km/h)
Track Width 28" inside - 96" outside (71 cm - 243 cm)
Dimensions 114 wide x 116 long x 44 tall in. (290 x 295 x 112 cm)
Base System Inertia 2,550 lbs. (1,157 kg)
Axle Weight 14,000 lbs. (6,350 kg)
Air Requirements 50-100 psi (345 - 690 kPa)
Power Requirements 110-250 VAC / 15-8 A, 208 - 250 VAC / 40A

Product Options

4-Post Hoist

4-Post Hoist image
SuperFlow® offers several different 4-post hoists to fit any needs and budget. Models are available with a walking platform, safety rails and access ladders to make working on vehicles easy and safe.

Air Flow Sensors

Air Flow Sensors image
SuperFlow® offers several complete lambda packages and tail pipe probes for measuring air/fuel ratio. These packages integrate with WinDyn® for live monitoring and post test graphing and analysis.

Air Fuel Kit

Air Fuel Kit image

Air Fuel Meter Kits available in any channel count configuration. Bosch LSU 4.2 and OEM grade NTK type sensors available.

Analog Panel

Analog Panel image

8 channel analog panel to integrate exhaust gas analyzers lambda sensors, O2 sensors, etc. Select 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20V or 0-30V in any combination.

Diesel Exhaust Opacity Meter

Diesel Exhaust Opacity Meter image
SuperFlow’s® Diesel Exhaust Opacity Meter measures the opacity of visible smoke coming from the exhaust. It’s rugged and portable design provides years of easy use.

Driver's trace Software

Driver's trace Software image
SuperFlow’s® Driver’s Trace Software integrates seamlessly with your SuperFlow® chassis dynamometer and allows drivers to follow a real-time moving driver’s trace on it’s easy-to-read display.

Inductive Spark Pick-up Assembly

Inductive Spark Pick-up Assembly image
SuperFlow’s® Inductive Spark Pick-Up Assembly features a rugged housing that protects the device from tough shop environments and allows it to provide years of service.

OBDII Data Logger

OBDII interface module for real time display and data logging in WinDyn.

Optical Wheel Tachometer

Optical Wheel Tachometer image
SuperFlow’s® optical wheel tachometer reads wheel speed using an infrared beam and reflective tape. It features a magnetic base for secure mounting to any AutoDyn™ frame.

Pressure Sensor Expansion Panels

Pressure Sensor Expansion Panels image

The modular sensor box allows for additional 10-channel pressure panels and additional 16-channel temperature panels. Extra transducers are sold separately.

Ramp Kits

Aluminum ramp kits are available for above ground installations. The 36” wide ramp is available in 72” or 94” lengths to accommodate low profiles and long vehicle.

Tailpipe Air Fuel Probe

Tailpipe Air Fuel Probe image

SuperFlow tailpipe exhaust probes measure the air/fuel ratio directly from tailpipe. Tailpipe probes integrate with WinDyn for live monitoring and easy post test graphing and analysis.