Axiline 66K Transmission Dyno


The SF-66K handles most foreign and domestic front-wheel drive, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive transmissions, including the Allison 1000/2000. Its rotating head stock can adapt to front wheel drive transverse transmissions, including Honda® and Mitsubishi® , and longitudinal transmissions such as the Chrysler® 42LE. The rotating head stock also makes it easy to switch between different test configurations. The four available motor sizes (40 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp, 100 hp) ensure the correct power for the job. The included auto-stall feature provides a quick yet complete test.

Now with ATP's Test Cube and SuperFlow's WinDyn data acquisition and control system you can control and fully test electronically shifted Mechatronic transmissions and valve bodies on any transmission dynamometer or valve body tester equiped with the WinDyn Test Cube option. Check out the options section for more information.

Input Drive & Transmission Support

The supports used for both input drive and transmission will pivot to accommodate longitudinal and transverse transmissions. The SF-66K is powered with an electric motor for clean, quiet operation and precise control. There are four motor options available in 40, 60, 75 and 100 hp sizes. And, it tests in either rotational direction, to accomodate all types of inline T-drive, or transaxles transmissions.

Power Absorption Units

The SF-66K power absorption units (PAUs) apply load to the output shaft(s) of the transmission to simulate road conditions such as hills, air resistance and towed weight. The standard air-cooled eddy current PAU is virtually maintenance-free and extremely reliable. Unlike hydrostatic load units, there’s no oil, water or filter to maintain, and just one moving part. The PAU allows you to perform true full-throttle, load-induced downshifts. It can load test transmissions all the way to first gear and maintain them, even when the drive system is set at full throttle. The optional trunnion-mounted eddy current absorber dynamically measures the output torque of the transmission. It’s also equipped with an air-actuated brake rotor and caliper to test stall force. All PAU configurations can be adjusted vertically and side-to-side to accept a wide range of test transmissions.

Data Acquisition

WinDyn 4.0 ED

SuperFlow’s WinDyn® 4.0 Software is the most feature-rich system available for dynamometers today. We’ve included all the tools you need to make a SuperFlow® dynamometer a successful piece of your business. WinDyn® is preconfigured with industry standard tests to get you up and running quickly. But, we didn’t stop there… We’ve also developed powerful configuration and test editors that offer you complete, customized control of the dynamometer, the test cell and the tests you’re running.

WinDyn 4.0 ED image

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Product Specifications

Power Requirements 220/240 V 3-phase, 50-60 Hz or 460/480 V, 50-60 Hz & 110/120V Single Phase (380 V available upon request)
Weight Input Drive: 2,700 lbs. (1225 kg) Inline PAU: 4,300 lbs. (1,950 kg) Transaxle PAU: 4,200 lbs. (1,905 kg)
Dimensions Inline: 154” x 48” (391 cm x 122 cm) Cross Slide: 195” x 70” (495 cm x 178 cm) T-Drive: 183” x 96” (465 cm x 244 cm)

Product Options

Adapter Plates

Choice of 15 precision alignment adapter packages.

Auto Shift

Auto Shift image

The linear shift actuator controls the manual detent position of the transmission. Since it uses a cable, the Auto shift can connect to most every transmission. It can be fitted with torque measurement, up to 50 lb-ft.

Auto Stall

The eddy current brakes on the 97000 are outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes to test stall speed. Auto Stall automates this process by replacing the foot operated stall pedal with an electronic actuator.

AWD Load Unit

The AWD Third Load Unit equips the 97000 to test most AWD transmissions. The floor mounted unit is equipped with an eddy current absorber and an operator interface with load percentage adjustment, digital RPM display, load power on/off switch and emergency stop. With a separate potentiometer, it can also set the same load percentage or be modified to check the differential. An adjustable side-to-side and up/down table shuttle moves 10” (25cm) side-to-side from center and 3 1/2” (8.9 cm) up/down from center.

Inline Cooler

Inline Cooler image

The inline oil cooler connects to the transmission cooler lines to maintain proper oil temperature during extended test sequences. It is ideal for long test sequences or endurance testing.

Input Torque

Input Torque image

This custom input shaft is instrumented with a torque transducer to measure torque directly before the converter for highly accurate readings. 60 pulse per revolution encoder. 450 lb-ft rating.

Output Torque

Output Torque image

Optional load cell to measure static or dynamic torque.

WinDyn CAN Control

SuperFlow's innovative WinDyn CAN Control (WCC) system adds optional Mechatronic control to the VBT 8000. WCC simulates the vehicle's CAN network so the TCM can make shift decisions like it would in the vehicle rather than following along to a replay of driving data. What this means is the mechatronic will react to the input torque and throttle position set by the operator or automated test sequence and vary the shift points accordingly. This is a much more complete way to test the transmission and it will ensure your comeback rate drops quickly.