Axiline 97000 Transmission Dyno

SuperShifter Pro Control Console

The SuperShifter Pro® operator console gives users a simple interface to control both the dyno and the transmission they are testing. Eight programmable buttons control dyno functions and two rotary knobs for input RPM and output load adjustment make manually controlling the transmission simple. Five screens within the SuperShifter PRO software provide the necessary tools to fully develop, test or diagnose transmissions. Popular features of SuperShifter PRO include; individual control of up to 12 solenoids, built in resistance tests and manual shift tests to diagnose underperforming solenoids and other conditions that lead to harsh shifts. 

The on screen display for pressure switches, RPNDL, input RPM, left output, right output and gear ratio are easy to read and make it simple to quickly understand how the transmission is performing. Input RPM can be selected manually or closed loop PID controlled to RPM. Output load can also be selected manually as % of load or closed loop PID controlled to output torque. Electronic pressure control solenoids and lockup solenoids can also be tested and controlled via the on screen interface. The console is mounted on swinging arms so it can be moved out of the way while changing transmissions.