Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers


SuperFlow offers a broad selection of technologically advanced eddy current absorbers which are ideal for precise engine testing. Low minimum load capabilities allow testing of very small engines, or larger engines running at very light loads and high speeds. Heat is dissipated by cooling water flowing through the stationary portion of the absorber. Rotating water seals have been eliminated. Bearings are pre-lubricated and rated for 5,000 hours of operation between servicing. Standard commercial load cells measure reaction torque for either direction of rotation. The double-ended main shaft may be fitted with a starter motor or used for dual engine connection. Speed is measured by a 60-tooth gear and hall effect sensor.

All SuperFlow dry gap eddy current absorbers can be interfaced with SuperFlow data acquisition and control systems for complete engine, dynamometer and throttle control. These systems integrate with personal computers running SuperFlow’s WinDyn software for expanded data storage and manipulation. SuperFlow offers complete turn-key system solutions with engine cooling heat exchangers, a variety of fuel systems, temperature and pressure sensors. Engine carts and dynamometer docking bases are optional. Power Absorbers are available in a wide range of torque and speed specifications. Please review the absorber models below and ask your Sales Engineer to to help you select the best absorber and design a complete dynamometer solution for your application.

SuperFlow can provide complete turn-key eddy current dynamometers, mechanical only systems or absorbers. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Sample Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer Layout

SuperFlow Eddy Current Dynamometer Layout

SuperFlow Eddy Current Engine Dyno Range

Model Power (HP) Torque (lb.ft.) Power (kW) Power (Nm) Speed (rpm)
SF-EC-10 13 37 10 50 12,000 
SF-EC-20 27 59 20 80 12,000
SF-EC-30 40 70 30 95 14,000
SF-EC-80 107 118 80 160 14,000
SF-EC-150 201 369 150 500 12,000
SF-EC-200 268 590 200 800 8,000
SF-EC-250 335 886 250 1,200 8,000
SF-EC-350 469 1,180 350 1,600 8,000
SF-EC-400 536 1,475 400 2,000 8,000
SF-EC-500 670 2,213 500 3,000 7,500
SF-EC-720 966 3,320 720 4,500 3,750

Data Acquisition

WinDyn 4.0 ED

SuperFlow’s WinDyn® 4.0 Software is the most feature-rich system available for dynamometers today. We’ve included all the tools you need to make a SuperFlow® dynamometer a successful piece of your business. WinDyn® is preconfigured with industry standard tests to get you up and running quickly. But, we didn’t stop there… We’ve also developed powerful configuration and test editors that offer you complete, customized control of the dynamometer, the test cell and the tests you’re running.

WinDyn 4.0 ED image

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Sensor Box

The SuperFlow sensor box is the brain of the 139 channel WinDyn data acquisition system. Its advanced electronics measures high-resolution data at up to 2,500 Hz depending on the channel and sends the data to the operator station via a simple Ethernet connection for live monitoring.

Sensor Box image

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Control Console

SuperFlow Engine Dyno Console

SuperFlow engine dynos come standard with a purpose built operator station that include a control console to control tests, control engines and control the entire test cell from one console. A throttle cable, computer with two 22 in. LCD monitors and an operator table that seamlessly integrates each part of the system round out the setup. 

Control Console image

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Product Specifications

SF-EC-10 spec value

Product Options

Additional Docking Cart

Additional Docking Cart image

Extra docking cart to save time between engine tests. Pre-stage one engine while another is being tested.

Air Fuel Kit

Air Fuel Kit image

Air Fuel Meter Kits available in any channel count configuration. Bosch LSU 4.2 and OEM grade NTK type sensors available.

Analog Panel

Analog Panel image

8 channel analog panel to integrate exhaust gas analyzers lambda sensors, O2 sensors, etc. Select 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20V or 0-30V in any combination.

Blow-By Sensor

Blow-By Sensor image

Measures the volumetric flow of crankcase blow-by. Two sizes available: 0.4 to 16 ACFM and .25 to 10 ACFM. Select either analog or frequency output.

CT-700 Pressurized Cooling Tower

CT-700 Pressurized Cooling Tower image

CT-700 Pressurized Cooling tower integrates seamlessly with boom assembly. Standard temperature range from 160 F to 230 F. Rated for continuous duty testing up to 700 HP (522 kW)

Engine Adapter

Engine Adapter image

Multi-fit adapter packages for the SF-902S, SF-Powermark and SF-BlackWidow. Multi-fit Bell Housing pictured for SF-902S. Universal Engine Mounting Kit available for SF-Powermark and SF-BlackWidow.

Fuel Canister

Fuel Canister image

Designed to measure fuel consumption of fuel injected engines. Mid flow unit available in 20-270 lb./hr. High flow unit available in 30-1070 lb./hr. Available for gas and alcohol.

Fuel System

Fuel System image

High performance fuel pump and two fuel regulators. Rated at 0-800 lb/hr.

Pressure Sensor Expansion Panels

Pressure Sensor Expansion Panels image

The modular sensor box allows for additional 10-channel pressure panels and additional 16-channel temperature panels. Extra transducers are sold separately.

Relay Box

Relay Box image

Relay enclosure for up to 32 programmable user-defined relays. Commonly used to control lights, pumps, water systems, emergency stop and fire safety systems.

Temperature Sensor Expansion Kits

Temperature Sensor Expansion Kits image
Expand your sensor box with a 16-channel thermocouple panel for Type K, Type J or Type T thermocouples. Monitor oil and water temperatures live in our WinDyn software then save the data for easy post test graphing and analysis.

Throttle Actuator

Throttle Actuator image

Rotary electric throttle control provides automated testing from computer. Morse cable options also available.