The SF-1020 measures and records air flow at OEM engineering accuracy, faster than any other flowbench on the market. It can test up to 240 hp (179 kW) per cylinder at test pressures up to 65” (165 cm) of water. The unique variable flow orifice adjusts flow range between 25 cfm and 1,000 cfm (12 - 472 l/s), based on FlowCom™ input, to fit the valve size or valve lift. The SF-1020 comes standard with our FlowCom™ digital airflow measurement system for accurate, repeatable and fast testing. FlowCom™ ensures accurate digital airflow measurement and control by automatically measuring test pressure and temperature; then presenting corrected flow data on the easy-to-read, precision display. This saves users considerable time when compared with standard manometer type benches that require users to make calculations to achieve corrected flow numbers.

FlowCom Controls Overview
SF-1020 Flowbench FlowCom Controller

Product Specifications

Calibration Test Pressure 25" of water
Range 0-1,100 cfm
Intake Capacity 1,100 cfm @ 25" of water
Exhaust Capacity 1,000 cfm @ 25" of water
Power 240 VAC, 75A, single phase
Weight 563 lbs (255 kg)
Dimensions 48 x 33 x 43 in. (122 x 84 x 110 cm)

Product Options

Air Flow Sensors

Air Flow Sensors image
SuperFlow® offers several complete lambda packages and tail pipe probes for measuring air/fuel ratio. These packages integrate with WinDyn® for live monitoring and post test graphing and analysis.

Catalytic Converter Flow Adapters

Catalytic Converter Flow Adapters image

Adapter rings to quickly fit various sizes of catalytic converters and catalyst elements to the flowbench base plate for flow testing.

Head Adapters

Head Adapters image

SuperFlow offers cylinder head adapters for several applications. Custom adapters also available.

Holley Adapter Kits

Holley Adapter Kits image

SuperFlow offers carb adapters for several applications. Call or visit for more info.

Pitot Tubes

Pitot Tubes image

SuperFlow offers Pitot Tubes, a compact device to measure velocity within the port. When used in conjunction with Port Flow Analyzer Pro Software, it performances port velocity mapping.

Port Flow Analyzer

Port Flow Analyzer image

Windows®–based flowbench software lefts you analyze, graph and print airflow data from your PC

RTS Tooling Pressure Differential Valves

RTS Tooling Pressure Differential Valves image

RTS Tooling’s Pressure Differential (PD) Valves measure pressure differentials in the valve flow area without obstructing the flow path of the air being tested. This allows users to obtain accurate, repeatable results along with additional information not typically compiled in air flow tests using standard mapping technology. The included PD Valve software compiles and stores all the data from tests numerically. The program also graphically displays pressure differentials in color, as well as, velocity and radial flow. As a result, the PD Valve Software is able to identify specific problem areas in the test subject and provide valuable data for improvements.