SF-610 Heavy Duty Chassis Dyno


SuperFlow’s new entry into the diesel chassis dyno market, the SF-610, is the evolution of their popular water brake chassis dynamometers of the 1990’s. The new SF-610 features the latest eddy current load technology which offers more finite control, easy and  more cost effective installation, and low maintenance costs when compared to similar water brake models.

The SF-610 fits directly into most existing SuperFlow water brake chassis dyno pits (like the SF-601 and SF-602) so upgrading is easy. The SF-610 has a standard peak horsepower capacity of 2,000 hp, more than enough to test today’s class 8 tandem axle tractors. Two high-torque eddy current power absorbers can absorb up to 1,200 HP intermittently and 500 HP continuously to perform a complete array of standard loaded tests. The rugged frame is designed for years of service and is rated for a maximum axle weight of up to 24,000 lbs.

The dual axle design accomodates both single and dual axle heavy-duty vehicles like transit buses, class 8 trucks, box trucks and moving vans. The belt connection from the front to the rear rolls allows both eddy current absorbers to apply load to either axle meaning single axle vehicles can still be tested using the full capacity of the absorbers.

The included WinDyn Data Acquisition system offers 139 customizable data channels and comes loaded with standard tests to get you up and running quickly.  Standard tests include: acceleration, diesel lugdown, step, steady-state and road load. Allowing technicians to safely simulate real world driving conditions like up hill grades to properly diagnose and repair vehicles.

Tests are controlled from the cab using SuperFlow’s industry standard hand held controller. The rugged, impact resistant enclosure protects the handheld controller from  the harsh environment of a diesel repair shop and also provides physical buttons to make  sure the operator is always in control throughout the test.

Data Acquisition

WinDyn 4.0 ED

SuperFlow’s WinDyn® 4.0 Software is the most feature-rich system available for dynamometers today. We’ve included all the tools you need to make a SuperFlow® dynamometer a successful piece of your business. WinDyn® is preconfigured with industry standard tests to get you up and running quickly. But, we didn’t stop there… We’ve also developed powerful configuration and test editors that offer you complete, customized control of the dynamometer, the test cell and the tests you’re running.

WinDyn 4.0 ED image

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Sensor Box

The SuperFlow sensor box is the brain of the 139 channel WinDyn data acquisition system. Its advanced electronics measures high-resolution data at up to 2,500 Hz depending on the channel and sends the data to the operator station via a simple Ethernet connection for live monitoring.

Sensor Box image

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The handheld controller gives the operator full control of the dynamometer and the test sequence from the driver’s seat.  The controller is housed in a molded, impact resistant enclosure capable of withstanding years of abuse in harsh test cell environments.

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Product Specifications

Roll Diameter 18" (45 cm)
Peak Power 2,000 HP (1,491 kW)
Peak Absorbed Power 1,200 HP (intermittent) - 500 HP (continuous) (895 kW / 373 kW)
Max Speed 110 MPH (177 KM/H)
Track Width 32" inside - 108" outside (81 cm - 274 cm)
Wheelbase 46" - 60" (117 cm - 152 cm) tandem axle spacing
Base System Inertia 3,000 LBS (1,361 KG)
Axle Weight 24,000 LBS (10,886 KG)
Air Requirements 80 PSI (552 kPa) - dry, regulated, oil free
Power Requirements 110-250 VAC, single phase 15-8 amps (computer) 230 VAC, single phase, 60Hz 40 Amps (dynamometer)