Why the Racing Industry Uses SuperFlow Chassis Dynos

Every Sprint Cup Series, XFINITY Series and Truck Series racecar that leaves Richard Childress Racing (RCR) today, runs across an 849 SuperFlow chassis dyno. Why? Our dynamometers are designed to handle the horsepower of high performance racing vehicles. RCR estimates having made more than 10,000 pulls on their dyno since owning it.

Using the SuperFlow Chassis Dyno for Racecars

SuperFlow builds products that meet and exceed the needs of the racing industry. With higher horsepower vehicles, more traction is required on the dynamometer. The larger the roller used on the dyno, the larger the contact patch available for the racecar being tested to get traction. By mounting the eddy currents on a differential instead of directly to the end of the roll, we are able to spin the eddy currents to their peak absorption capacity at a lower speed than competing models – meaning the SuperFlow chassis dynos are well suited for high torque applications. Add in SuperFlow’s WinDyn data acquisition system, which is equipped to handle the data acquisitions requirements of the most demanding race teams and is expandable so it can grow as needs change, and you have the ultimate dyno system.

In addition to RCR, Kroyer Racing Engines utilizes the SuperFlow chassis dyno to prove new engine builds as part of the complete system. They use their chassis dyno to find weak links in the Off Road truck drivelines, used in trucks that race and win the Baja 1000, SCORE and other off-road truck racing divisions. Kroyer engines are among the best in off-road racing – their drivelines are bullet proof, which is a requirement to be successful in this venue, because there are not many other types of racing more demanding of the vehicle.

So what advantage can race teams like RCR and Kroyer gain from using a SuperFlow chassis dyno? They can test the race engines they develop as part of the complete vehicle system. They can also test different driveline components and setups to understand what has the least frictional and rolling losses, and as a result, what transfers the most horsepower made by the engine to the track.

Interested in a Chassis Dyno?

The 849 Chassis Dyno is SuperFlow’s highest capacity two wheel drive chassis dyno and it offers the widest application range. This is the ideal dyno for a racecar team. However, our recommendation is to first call and talk to our sales engineers. They’ll ask you several questions, such as what the data acquisition requirements are for oil, water and other temperatures, to make sure the recommended model will meet your testing goals. The SuperFlow team will put together a final recommendation for you. Remember that our sales engineers also consult and can provide drawings and recommendations on test cell design and construction. Always remember that a good test cell is the key to repeatable testing. They can also work with contractors if a third party will be constructing the test cell, to make sure the finished product is successful.

Race teams interested in a live demo can visit our facility in Des Moines, IA. There’s also the option to visit regional customer sites. Are you ready to talk to an expert or see a demo of the SuperFlow chassis dyno? Contact us below.