Low Pressure Bonding Option for the TCRS Bonder

TCRS Releases New Low Pressure Bonding OptionSuperFlow's TCRS division is proud to announce the release of a new low pressure bonding option for their TCRS Torque Converter Piston Bonder. It was designed to allow lower apply pressures for small clutches like those found in some Honda’s as too much pressure can actually prevent the friction material and glue from creating a proper bond.

The option adds a second pressure range to the TCRS Bonder to reduce the apply pressure down to as little as 25 PSI while retaining use of the normal operating range of the machine (70 – 120 PSI). An added benefit is the pressure controls move to the front of the bonder for easier access. It is available with any new TCRS Bonder and as a retrofit to existing 8 inch and 10 inch bonders in the field.

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