Custom Engineered Solutions

SuperFlow offers a wide range of standard dynamometers for vehicle, engine and transmission testing, but not all powertrain test requirements fit nicely into any standard product envelope and a custom engineered solution is required. Many companies trust SuperFlow to turn their unique testing challenge into a custom engineered test stand. Check out some examples of projects we’ve completed and contact us to put our engineers to work designing a solution to your unique powertrain test requirements. 


  • Cross drive transmissions
  • Large gearboxes (off road and wind turbine)
  • CAN controlled transmissions
  • Electric motors
  • Internal combustion engines (gas, diesel, CNG)
  • Electric & hybrid vehicles and powertrains
  • Cold engine test stands
  • Friction test stands
  • Custom accessories for our standard dynamometers

The SuperFlow Process

  • Understand your application and its challenges
  • Develop a proposal
  • Engineer, design and model the solution
  • Manufacture the test stand
  • Perform acceptance testing
  • Commission and train operators
  • Ongoing service and support


Custom Chassis Dynamometers

SuperFlow Custom Chassis Dyno

SuperFlow designs custom chassis dynamometers for a host of testing applications including emissions, mileage accumulation and hybrid powertrain development to name a few. Eddy current and AC chassis dynamometers are available for powersports, automotive and heavy duty applications.

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Custom Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow Custom AC Engine Dynamometer

SuperFlow develops custom and semi-custom engine dynamometers for a wide variety of applications using water brake, eddy current, AC and hybrid dynamometer systems. Our team will select the appropriate load technologies or a hybrid system of two load technologies, configure the I/O with our scalable WinDyn data acquisition and control system and design all engine and test cell support systems for a successful installation. 

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Custom Transmission Dynamometers

SuperFlow AC Transmission Dynamometer

SuperFlow leads the industry in developing custom engineered transmission test stands for everything from passenger cars to tracked off road vehicles to wind turbines. Solutions include eddy current and AC regenerative transmission dynamometers configured for inline, front wheel drive, all wheel drive and cross drive gearboxes and covering the entire range of light to extreme duty transmission testing.

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