Browse SuperFlow products by industries served - in many cases we offer several products for an industry and can provide solutions to your company's testing needs across multiple departments.



SuperFlow Remanufacturing Equipment

Engine and transmission remanufacturers need equipment that is reliable, easy to use and has modern technology to test electronically controlled units. See the dynamometers and test stands SuperFlow offers to meet these needs.

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Performance & Racing

SuperFlow Performance Dynamometers and Flowbenches

SuperFlow dynamometers and flowbenches are trusted daily by performance engine builders, tuners and race teams to develop and tune race winning engines and vehicles. This trust stems from 40 years of building equipment with advanced features at a fair price.

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SuperFlow Military Test Equipment

Military vehicles come in a variety of sizes, have a wide range of prime movers and have an even wider range of transmission configurations to drive wheels or tracks. SuperFlow has proudly designed chassis, engine and transmission dynamometers and custom test stands to keep military vehicles in operation day after day.

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Transit & Fleet

SuperFlow Transit Dynamometers

Buses and trucks move us and our supplies twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Fleet managers must meet rigorous maintenance standards and often very short remanufacturing times. SuperFlow engine and transmission dynamometers are ready for the challenge.

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SuperFlow Wind Turbine Dynamometers

Wind turbines, generators, trucks, cargo haulers, pumps; the list goes on. Wind, oil and coal production are harsh environments that require around the clock operation, pushing the equipment to its limit. SuperFlow engine and transmission dynamometers are designed for the same around the clock operation and zero downtime.

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SuperFlow Marine Engine Dynamometers

Marine engines require unique test equipment, often demanding a dynamometer that can deliver equal capacity in either direction of rotation. SuperFlow engine dynos are well suited for inland and offshore marine applications.

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SuperFlow Construction Equipment Dynamometers

Construction equipment must withstand some of the harshest operating conditions day in and day out. SuperFlow dynamometers provide test capabilities to OEMs who need to test engines and transmissions to their fullest potential and make sure they will survive the abuses of everyday operation.

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SuperFlow Dynos & Flowbenches for Education

Today’s students are tomorrow's leaders. They must be prepared in school to operate the dynamometers they will face in industry after graduation. SuperFlow takes great pride in working with educational institutions to ensure their students can learn on the same SuperFlow dynos used every day by their future employers.

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SuperFlow Emissions Dynamometers

Increased constraints on traditional fuels and increased focus on the environment has engine and vehicle manufacturers continuously searching for ways to save fuel. SuperFlow’s AC chassis and engine dynamometers are ready to provide economical solutions for development and precertification testing – saving money, reducing development time and improving the bottom line.

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SuperFlow Dynamometers for Powersports Testing

Scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides, go-karts – you name it there is a SuperFlow power sports chassis dyno to test it. Dynamometers are available with eddy current load for performance applications and AC motoring powersports dynamometers with inertia simulation for development applications.

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Production Air Flow Testing

Catalytic Converter Testing on SuperFlow Flow Bench

Airflow test benches for catalytic converters, throttle bodies, exhaust systems and other engine components.

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