Transit & Fleet

Buses and trucks move us and our supplies twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Fleet managers must meet rigorous maintenance standards and often very short remanufacturing times. SuperFlow chassis, engine and transmission dynamometers are ready for the challenge.

As a single source provider of heavy duty chassis, engine and transmission dynos SuperFlow can provide transit authorities, fleet managers and trucking companies with the test equipment to keep their fleets on the road. A single software program across our entire product range reduces training time and improves operator coverage across multiple departments. Annual maintenance contracts leave all the work to us ensuring the dynos are continually updated with the latest software and firmware, are properly calibrated and are in perfect operating condition.


Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow AC Engine Dynamometer

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications and gasoline or diesel engine testing. 

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Transmission Dynamometers

Hicklin Transmission Dyno

SuperFlow's Axiline and Hicklin transmission test stands cover the complete range of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and cross drive transmissions on the market today.

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Heavy Duty Transmission Shift Consoles

Hicklin transmission shift consoles

Hicklin transmission shift consoles are designed to operate transmissions on any test stand or dynamometer. They are available for most heavy-duty transmissions including Allison, Voith, ZF and Renk.

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Chassis Dynamometers

SuperFlow chassis dyno

SuperFlow offers a complete line of chassis dynamometers for everything from performance tuning to pre-emissions, mileage accumulation and heavy-duty truck testing.

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Custom Engine Dynamometers

Custom SuperFlow Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow develops custom and semi-custom engine dynamometers for a wide variety of applications using water brake, eddy current, AC and hybrid dynamometer systems. Our team will select the appropriate load technologies or a hybrid system of two load technologies, configure the I/O with our scalable WinDyn data acquisition and control system and design all engine and test cell support systems for a successful installation.

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