Military vehicles come in a variety of sizes, have a wide range of prime movers and have an even wider range of transmission configurations to drive wheels or tracks. SuperFlow has proudly designed chassis, engine and transmission dynamometers and custom test stands to keep military vehicles in operation day after day.

Highly specialized military vehicles often require custom engineered dynamometers and transmission test stands. We’ve developed more than 30 cross drive transmission dynamometers for extreme duty military transmissions like the X-1100 and the HMPT 500. We’ve also developed completely automated engine test cells that eliminate operator induced variables in the test process to ensure the highest level of test integrity. We have the past experience, engineering expertise and data acquisition and control technology to handle these custom testing applications and a commitment to the military to see them through installation, commissioning and training.


Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow AC Engine Dynamometer

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications and gasoline or diesel engine testing. 

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Valve Body Test Stands

Axiline transmission valve body and solenoid test stands

Axiline's line of valve body and solenoid testers offer transmission remanufacturers unmatched features like the WinDyn CAN Control mechatronic test option and fully automated testing to eliminate operator induced errors.

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Hicklin Transmission Dynamometers

Hicklin EDECT Transmission Dyno testing Astronic Transmission

Hicklin designs and manufactures heavy-duty transmission dynamometers for on and off-highway transmissions as well as custom cross-drive transmission dynos and other custom heavy-duty driveline test equipment.

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Heavy Duty Transmission Shift Consoles

Hicklin transmission shift consoles

Hicklin transmission shift consoles are designed to operate transmissions on any test stand or dynamometer. They are available for most heavy-duty transmissions including Allison, Voith, ZF and Renk.

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Custom Engine Dynamometers

Custom SuperFlow Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow develops custom and semi-custom engine dynamometers for a wide variety of applications using water brake, eddy current, AC and hybrid dynamometer systems. Our team will select the appropriate load technologies or a hybrid system of two load technologies, configure the I/O with our scalable WinDyn data acquisition and control system and design all engine and test cell support systems for a successful installation.

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Data Acquisition and Control Systems

SuperFlow Dynamometer Instrumentation and Control

WinDyn is a robust and scalable data acquisition and control system for applications that include water brake, eddy current and AC dynamometers, friction test stands, valve body test stands and custom testing applications.

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Transmission Shift Consoles

SuperShifter Transmission Diagnostic tool

Complete line of handheld transmission shift interfaces and shift consoles for in-vehicle diagnostics or to control transmissions on dynamometers and valve body testers.

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