SuperFlow Dynos & Flowbenches

SuperFlow® made its name in the performance industry after introducing the first production flowbench, the SF-110, in 1972. We didn‘t stop there, by the early 1980‘s we had designed the first computerized engine dynamometer followed shortly by WinDyn®, the first Windows® based dyno software in the early 90‘s. Today WinDyn® is the most powerful and versatile data acquisition system in the world used on all Axiline®, Hicklin®, and SuperFlow® dynamometers, and we receive frequent requests to upgrade our competitors‘ equipment with WinDyn®. In the late 1990‘s we amazed the chassis dynamometer market with automotive and motorcycle chassis dynos featuring revolutionary designs that have yet to be rivaled.


Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow AC Engine Dynamometer

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications and gasoline or diesel engine testing. 

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SuperFlow SF-1020 flowbench

Computerized flowbenches ranging from 20 - 1,100 CFM for cylinder heads, intake manifolds, catalytic converters, carburetors, throttle bodies and other engine and exhaust system components.

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Chassis Dynamometers

SuperFlow chassis dyno

SuperFlow offers a complete line of chassis dynamometers for everything from performance tuning to pre-emissions, mileage accumulation and heavy-duty truck testing.

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Data Acquisition and Control Systems

SuperFlow Dynamometer Instrumentation and Control

WinDyn is a robust and scalable data acquisition and control system for applications that include water brake, eddy current and AC dynamometers, friction test stands, valve body test stands and custom testing applications.

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