Axiline Precision Products

Axiline® produces our valve body testers, solenoid testers, SuperShifter transmission shift consoles and light and medium-duty transmission dynamometers, Axiline was founded in 1958 as DynaDrome, and has since evolved into the most respected name in light and medium-duty transmission test and remanufacturing equipment in the world. At Axiline® we‘re proud to say our innovations have revolutionized the way transmissions are tested. We were the first using electric drives and eddy current absorbers on transmission dynos, the first with data acquisition and control and the first to develop both a valve body tester and a solenoid tester. Today's efforts include fully regenerative AC transmission dynamometers and mechatronic test systems for dynos and valve body test stands to keep Axiline customers at the forefront of the transmission remanufacturing industry.


Automatic Transmission Dynamometers

Axiline automatic transmission dyno

Axiline automatic transmission test stands are built to test light and medium duty automatic transmissions. Models can be configured to test front, rear and AWD transmissions.

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Manual-Shift Transmission Dynamometers

Axiline manual shift transmission dynamometer

Axiline's manual-shift transmission dynamometers are designed to test manual-shift transmissions including Fuller, Meritor, Rockwell, Spicer, ZF and others.

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Valve Body Test Stands

Axiline transmission valve body and solenoid test stands

Axiline's line of valve body and solenoid testers offer transmission remanufacturers unmatched features like the WinDyn CAN Control mechatronic test option and fully automated testing to eliminate operator induced errors.

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Transmission Shift Consoles

SuperShifter Transmission Diagnostic tool

Complete line of handheld transmission shift interfaces and shift consoles for in-vehicle diagnostics or to control transmissions on dynamometers and valve body testers.

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