Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications. SuperFlow engine dynos test gasoline, diesel and CNG engines and several of our water brake dynos are used for AC motor testing.

We frequently provide custom engineered engine dynamometer solutions for unique test requirements. Our engineering team will understand the application, select the appropriate power absorption unit, design all test cell support systems and configure our WinDyn data acquisition and control system to manage the dyno, the engine and the test environment. If you have a standard or unique engine testing requirement contact us and put our 40 years of engine dyno experience to work in your test cell.

Thinking about purchasing an engine dyno? Download: How to Select the Proper Engine Dyno

SF-902S Engine Dynamometer

The SF-902S engine dynamometer is rated for 15,000 RPM, 1,500 HP and 1,200 lb.-ft capacity. The low inertia design and unique capacity valve make it well suited for small single cylinder engines all the way up to powerful V8s.

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SF-Powermark Engine Dynamometer

The SF-Powermark engine dynamometer is rated for 15,000 RPM, 2,500 HP, and 1,750 lb.-ft capacity. Its strong low speed torque capacity coupled with its high speed horsepower capacity and reverse rotation capability make it one of the most versatile engine dynos on the market.

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SF-Black Widow Engine Dynamometer

The SF-Black Widow engine dyno is rated for 11,000 RPM, 3,000 HP and 2,500 lb-ft capacity. Its extreme horsepower capacity make it the dyno of choice for many of today's top Pro Mod engine builders.

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Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow offers a range of water-cooled eddy current engine dynamometers ranging from 13 HP to 966 HP (10 kW to 720 kW). Eddy current dyno packages are available turn key, mechanical only or absorber only.

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SF-901 WinDyn Data Acquisition System

Update your SF-901 engine dyno with SuperFlow's advanced WinDyn 4.0 Data Acquisition System and take advantage of the latest software and data acquisition features available. 

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DTS Powermark Data Acquisition Upgrade

Update your DTS Powermark engine dyno with SuperFlow's advanced WinDyn 4.0 Data Acquisition System and take advantage of the latest software and data acquisition features available.

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Data Acquisition for Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow's advanced WinDyn Data Acquisition and Control System is available as a conversion kit to upgrade your existing water brake, eddy current or AC engine dynamometer. Keep the good mechanical pieces and let SuperFlow upgrade your dyno with more channels, faster sampling rates and enhanced testing features for a fraction of the cost of a new dyno.

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