Transmission Shift Consoles

Our ability to control and shift transmissions on a dynamometer has kept our Axiline and Hicklin product lines at the forefront of the transmission remanufacturing industry since the 1970s. We’ve packaged this technology in standalone controllers not limited to dynamometer testing meaning technicians can diagnose transmissions before they are ever removed from customer vehicles.

Our SuperShifter platform of electronic transmission controls are handheld diagnostic devices to test shift function and solenoid performance even with the transmission mounted in the vehicle. SuperShifter controllers can also control and test transmissions on a dyno or in unique cases be used to prevent automatic transmission vehicles from shifting during chassis dyno testing.

Hicklin heavy duty shift consoles are designed for service centers who need the ability to control and test HD transmissions, flash transmission control modules, code CIN numbers and perform diagnostics on the TCM under test. Hicklin heavy duty transmission shift consoles include applications for Allison, Voith and ZF transmissions.


The SuperShifter handheld transmission tester allows you to control transmissions in-vehicle or on a transmission dynamometer to diagnose shift problems and verify solenoids.

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SuperShifter Pro®

The SuperShifter Pro transmission shift module is a versatile shift interface that can be used for both machine and transmission control on a transmission dynamometer, valve body tester or also used as a stand alone transmission shift console for in-vehicle diagnostics.

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Heavy Duty Transmission Shift Consoles

Hicklin heavy-duty transmission shift consoles are designed for service centers who need the ability to control and test heavy duty transmissions, flash transmission control modules (TCMs), code Calibration ID Numbers (CIN) and perform diagnostics on the TCM using OEM software and controls. Shift consoles can be used in conjunction with a Hicklin transmission dynamometer or as a standalone unit to exercise the transmission on a bench or in a vehicle.

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