Engine and transmission remanufacturers need equipment that is reliable, easy to use and scalable with their production targets. SuperFlow dynamometers, transmission test products and torque converter rebuilding systems deliver on these items and then some. We have the accessories and facility support systems to meet the demands of the highest volume remanufacturers and our team is trained to help you select the right pieces and quantities of equipment to meet your remanufacturing volume targets.


Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow AC Engine Dynamometer

SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications and gasoline or diesel engine testing. 

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Transmission Dynamometers

Hicklin Transmission Dyno

SuperFlow's Axiline and Hicklin transmission test stands cover the complete range of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and cross drive transmissions on the market today.

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Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems

Torque Converter Rebuilding Equipment

Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems (TCRS®) from SuperFlow® are the choice of converter rebuilders worldwide for one reason, quality. The TCRS® system has been proven on more than 8-million torque converters and is in use at the big three automakers Ford®, General Motors® and Daimler Chrysler®.

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Valve Body Test Stands

Axiline transmission valve body and solenoid test stands

Axiline's line of valve body and solenoid testers offer transmission remanufacturers unmatched features like the WinDyn CAN Control mechatronic test option and fully automated testing to eliminate operator induced errors.

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Custom Engine Dynamometers

Custom SuperFlow Engine Dynamometers

SuperFlow develops custom and semi-custom engine dynamometers for a wide variety of applications using water brake, eddy current, AC and hybrid dynamometer systems. Our team will select the appropriate load technologies or a hybrid system of two load technologies, configure the I/O with our scalable WinDyn data acquisition and control system and design all engine and test cell support systems for a successful installation.

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Data Acquisition and Control Systems

SuperFlow Dynamometer Instrumentation and Control

WinDyn is a robust and scalable data acquisition and control system for applications that include water brake, eddy current and AC dynamometers, friction test stands, valve body test stands and custom testing applications.

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