New Test Plates for the Axiline VBT 8000

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As part of the commitment to continue developing new applications for the Axiline VBT 8000 valve body tester, SuperFlow recently released several new test plates and tests. The Axiline VBT 8000 sets the standard for testing modern electronic valve bodies, including. Continue reading

SuperFlow Dyno Academy Presents: Advanced WinDyn Features

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SuperFlow Dyno Academy

SuperFlow Dyno Academy Presents: Advanced WinDyn Features Get More Out of Your SuperFlow Engine Dyno The SuperFlow Dyno Academy will be hosting a free seminar for SuperFlow Engine Dyno customers on the advanced features found in the WinDyn Data Acquisition. Continue reading

500″ Pro Stock Pull on the SF-902 Engine Dyno at Book Racing Enterprises

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Book Racing Enterprises SF-902 Dyno

The crew at Book Racing Enterprises are constantly publishing videos of their various drag racing engines being tested on their SF-902 engine dynamometer. Here’s one we just came across that really screams. Go checkout the dyno video and like their page. Continue reading

Did You Know SuperFlow Sells Many Hard To Find Replacement Transmission Connectors?

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SuperFlow, Axiline, Hicklin, Transmission Repair Connectors

That’s right, SuperFlow carries a vast inventory of hard to find transmission repair connectors for many applications. As an industry leader in transmission remanufacturing equipment like dynamometers, valve body testers, solenoid testers, torque converter rebuilding systems and transmission shifters, SuperFlow. Continue reading