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SuperFlow® History

55 years in the making and SuperFlow® is better than ever! Take a glance into our past and you‘ll quickly understand why you need to Test with the Best™!

Hicklin Engineering

Hicklin Engineering

Hicklin Engineering®, originally a Detroit Diesel Allison Distributor in 1957, started when we decided to build our own heavy duty transmission dynamometer after we noticed that no one else had already done so. People took notice and we quickly received many requests to build them for others. So, by 1989, Hicklin Engineering® was officially formed and has since built more than 350 Inline, V-Drive, Angle Drive and Cross Drive transmission dynamometers along with hundreds of custom transmission dynos for customers worldwide. We‘re confident you won‘ t find a better heavy-duty transmission dynamometer than the Hicklin® line anywhere.


Axiline® (Hicklin‘s® younger brother) handles our light and medium duty transmission dynamometers. We started back in 1958 as DynaDrome, and have evolved into the best and most respected name in light and medium duty transmission testing. At Axiline® we‘re proud to say our innovations have revolutionized the way transmissions are tested. We‘re the first using electric drives and eddy current absorbers on transmission dynos, the first with data acquisition and control and the first to develop both a valve body tester and a solenoid tester.

Axiline Precision Products



TCRS® (Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems®) started an entire industry. We realized we could save people thousands of dollars with a system to remanufacture torque converters. So that‘s exactly what we did. With results proven worldwide including at GM®, Ford® and Chrysler®, why would you think of using anything else?

Superflow® Corporation

SuperFlow® made its name in the performance industry after introducing the first production flowbench, the SF-110, in 1972. We didn‘t stop there, by the early 1980‘s we had designed the first computerized engine dynamometer followed shortly by WinDyn®, the first Windows® based dyno software in the early 90‘s. Today WinDyn® is the most powerful and versatile data acquisition system in the world used on all Axiline®, Hicklin®, and SuperFlow® dynamometers, and we receive frequent requests to upgrade our competitors‘ equipment with WinDyn®. In the late 1990‘s we amazed the chassis dynamometer market with automotive and motorcycle chassis dynos featuring revolutionary designs that have yet to be rivaled.

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DTS® is known for the Powermark™ Engine Dynamometer that we‘ve been perfecting since 1981. At DTS®, we were the first to bring you a docking cart engine dynamometer, overhead boom and inertia correlation, to name a few of our features that revolutionized engine testing. In 2011, DTS® and SuperFlow® joined forces and now offer the best of both the Powermark™ and the SuperFlow® SF-902S engine dynos, both of which come standard with a WinDyn® data acquisition system.

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SuperFlow® Dynos & Flowbenches

SuperFlow® Dynamometers and Flowbenches is now the parent company of all five brands and our mission is simple, yet stronger than ever: provide you with the best test equipment you can find and give you the most amazing support possible. Moving forward we will continue to design and develop the most incredible products in the industry. We will strive to continue offering the best support to the already thousands of customers who have chosen SuperFlow®. Give us a call today at 1.888.442.5546 and join the family of people who know what it‘s like to test with the best!