Allison 4th Generation Control Console


Hicklin’s 4th Generation Allison Control Console allows you to exercise 4th generation 1000/2000 and 3000/4000 series transmissions outside the vehicle. The shift console has the capacity to hold up to four Transmission Control Modules (TCMs). Because of the variety of Allison transmission configurations, additional TCMs or reprogramming of existing TCMs may be required to test all the different configurations. The Allison shift console provides easy access to the TCMs whether you need to reprogram or swap it with a TCM that is programmed for the transmission under test.

The console is used in conjunction with a manual or computerized (TDAC/WinDyn) dynamometer control console. If DAC System is used, the pressure gauges are not necessary on the 4th generation console and will not be included. The 4th generation console connects to, and is only used to exercise the transmission as it would be when installed in the vehicle.

WARNING: The control console is ONLY intended to used with transmission dynamometers and should not be connected to a transmission while it is in the vehicle.

The roll-around control console is a self contained cabinet that contains the interface components found in a typical vehicle installation. The Transmission Control Module (TCM) connector is easily accessed through the hinged, self latching lid. The 20’ main connector harness connects the console to the transmission. A diagnostic cable connector is provided on every cable harness that allows technicians to code the Calibration ID Number (CIN) and interrogate the console TCM for troubleshooting the transmission under test.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 43 x 24 x 24” (109 x 61 x 61 cm )
Electrical Requirements 110V, 15 amp, Single-phase (261 kW)
Transmission Control Unit capacity Four